What would it be like if you could…..

…become the type of leader that others need and that you want to be?

Develop/refine leadership abilities

What would it be like if you could…..

…interact and communicate more effectively to produce your desired results?

Enhance “soft” skills

What would it be like if you could…..

…think and act in your own best interest (performance) and the best interests of those around you (leadership) in a more purposeful, productive and fulfilling way?

Improve individual/group performance

What would it be like if you could…..

…get “unstuck” and make positive, productive forward progress?

Move beyond “stuck”

What would it be like if you could…..

…confidently and assertively take the next step?

Navigate career/life transitions

What would it be like if you could…..

…experience harmony between your many roles/areas of life?

Create healthy work/life balance

What would it be like if you could…..

…have an independent, confidential "sounding board" to challenge your thought process?

Challenge thinking and mindset

What would it be like if you could…..

…rid yourself of contaminated self-talk, counter-productive beliefs and distorted thinking?

Overcome negative thought processes

What would it be like if you could…..

….discard what is holding you back and transition to the person you want to be and accomplish what you envision?

Change or modify habits/behavior

What would it be like if you could…..

…discover answers to your most pressing issues, challenges and take advantage of opportunities?

Discover innovative solutions

What would it be like if you could…..

…find the stimulus to move beyond ambivalence or stagnation and take the necessary steps to achieve your goals?

Increase motivation

What would it be like if you could…..

…not just think about doing something, but actually do it?

Take action

What is Coaching?

Coaching provides clients a refuge from work/life to confidentially assess and evaluate thoughts or feelings about themselves, others, issues, challenges, and opportunities. It offers a collaborative and solutions-focused process for change, development, growth and goal attainment while empowering personal transformation, including new ways of thinking, acting and interacting.

How does Coaching work?

The coaching process helps a client assess where they are today and determine what needs to be different in the future to accomplish their goals. It then supports and challenges the client in identifying changes in thought, mindset, behavior, or areas for growth/development, along with designing goals, actions, or mind shifts focused on achieving desired outcomes.

How does Coaching help?

Coaching empowers clients to personally transform the most important areas of their professional and personal life - resulting in more effective leadership, stronger relationships, enhanced skills, increased productivity, better performance, higher self-efficacy, a more balanced lifestyle, and a healthier mind/body.

Tracy Nowell Coaching

Why Choose Tracy

  • Certification

    I received my professional certification in Executive and Professional Coaching from the highly regarded and International Coaching Federation (ICF) Level 2 accredited Organizational Behavior and Coaching Program at the University of Texas at Dallas Naveen Jindal School of Management, one of the first university-based coaching programs in the country and the coaching choice for Fortune 500 companies.

  • Experience

    I bring a lifetime of learning to the coaching process, from both a personal and professional aspect, including experience as a successful entrepreneur, C-level executive, and company owner. My life and business experience enhance my ability to form a personal connection with each client and understand specific issues, situations, challenges or goals from their unique perspective.

  • Process

    My proven, evidence-based coaching process employs an empowering approach for personal and professional development, growth and change. It encourages and enables moving beyond the status quo and taking the necessary steps to achieve personal and professional goals.

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